Hi there! 
I'm Morgan, but you can call me Morg!
I'm a young adult living in the great rainy state of WA.
I love the color green, anything sugary and Avatar the Last Airbender.
I'm a photographer, gymnastics coach, Netflix watcher and Taylor Swift fan.
I also run my own personal blog, over here.
Welcome to our blog!


Hi! The name's Matt. Screenwriting, novel-writing, acting, movie-watching, game-playing and art-collecting is what I do as much as I can. Favorite color(s): Blue, Red, Green, White and Black. Favorite fandom: Attack on Titan. Favorite movie trilogy: Lord of the Rings. Favorite movie series: Harry Potter. Archenemy: Pollen allergies. Personal peculiarities: I'm a Grapheme-Color Synesthete—and a Co-author of FandomFox.


Matt and Morgan are two siblings out of five.
Both are young-adult homeschool graduates.
Morgan is pursuing a career in the blogging world as well as a medical degree.
Matt is aiming to be an author and actor. He's had several of his poems already published, and more recently acted for Rogue Zohu Productions.
Their family moved to WA state a over a year ago.
Both have interests in the film-making world, having created a few films of their own.
Maybe you can spot them in some of Rogue Zohu's fims ;)

Thank you for stopping by!

Photo creds go to~
Sereina// Peak Photography// Myself ;)// And my Dad.. ;)

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