Horse movies for the not so crazy horse girl

So it seems that horse movies have been poplar in our house of late (not that this is new).
So I thought I would compile my favorite horse movies, even though I'm not a horse crazy girl like my sister.

This was the main (if only) horse movie that Lauryn watched repeatedly as a toddler.
We were constantly watching it. I love this movie, and it has remained a family favorite since then.
I love the soundtrack, the characters, the story EVERYTHING! It's so good!
One of my favorite parts was when he was in the coral and the "Get off of my back" song was playing. 

I really enjoyed this one because it followed the true story of Secretariat's owner.
I also liked it because AJ Michalka and Drew Roy played in it. ;)
I like horse movies that focus more on the people than the horses.

A Leap of Faith
This is a lesser known one because it was very low budget. BUT! It is good nonetheless, and I really enjoyed it. It follows a young guy on probation, having to serve his time at a blind kids horse camp. He meets a girl (duh) who was a gymnast, but had just became blind during an accident on the beam.
Again, more of a people story. 

Moondance Alexander
Another low budget film, but I enjoyed it. Moondace is a cute quirky character who doesn't really have any friends, so she sticks with horses.  This one strayed away from the norm of horse movies, which I liked. 

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Besides Spirit, this movie was always playing on repeat as well. 
I love this movie! One of my all time favorites. Not to spoil it for anyone, but this story takes an unexpected twist, which is really cool- except it is based off a true story..

Virginia's Run
I really really like this one. It's not your typical horse film, and the story mainly sticks with the protagonist and her family. It was, indeed, a pleasure to watch.

So that's my favorite horse movies! What are your favorite horse movies?
xx Morg


  1. My favorite horse movie (and my favorite movie of all time) is The Man from Snowy River. I also loved Rogue Stallion when I was a kid, though I haven't seen it in years. I've seen Wild Hearts Can't be Broken quite a few times too. Good list!

  2. Spirit! Secretariat! Moondance Alexander!

    I really want to see Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken; I've heard about it, and it looks good :)


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