Downton Abbey Tag {Favorite Female Character for Each Season}

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Okay, so I just want to say upfront, that Missus Hughes and Granny are my favorite female character from every season.

That being said, let's go into the others..

Lady Sybil

I honestly don't remember this one really well, mainly because I disliked it so much.
I didn't really like any of the characters that much- they all annoyed me.
I think if I had to pick though, I'd have to say Sybil is my absolute favorite for season 1. I also like Daisy a lot in this season.
^^I love her adventurous and spunky spirit.^^ 

^^ I wish this scene had been longer- I'm still confused about Tom outside the window during this scene though...^^

^^Daisy was so young!^^

Lady Mary

I know Lady Mary is a lot of peoples least favorite character, but she has always been my favorite- at least for season 2, 3 &4. She seems the most complex and real out of the bunch- her character has the most character. In some ways, I have seen myself in Lady Mary- which has to do with me liking her. ;)
 ^^This is one of my favorite scenes. I love that outfit, and how her hair looks with that hat.^^
I love how her true self comes out in season 2, as well as season 3. 

I like Anna a lot, especially in season 2. She's always happy, spunky, and she loves the Crawley family.  Anna, however, is not my favorite character in the last three seasons. I think my like for her kinda went away after she became Lady Mary's lady's maid. I don't dislike her, she's just not my favorite.
Lady Sybil's character really came to life in season 2. I love how she becomes determined to be a nurse, how she's always thinking of others, and a particular love story with a certain gentleman. ;) 

Lady Mary


Lady Mary
Lady Edith
This is the last season (of right now) that I care for Lady Mary.
I never really liked Edith, mainly because she was mean and annoying, or her hair/outfits drove me crazy. 
But in Season 4, her character starts to come out more, and her character has changed drastically since season 1. She also gets more stylish. ;)
A certain young man has to do with this- and for once, I LOVE Edith's boyfriend!
Edith has a sadder story during season 4, which gives her a lot more story/screen time.

Lady Edith

Season 5 is mainly all about Edith. Which I like- even though her story started to get a little old after a time. I really like how her relationship with her parents is more shown. One of my favorite scenes is where Edith and Lord Grantham have a repentance/truth telling scene.

Baxter was really mysterious for a while, but her secret comes out in Season 5. She's a very subdued and interesting character. I really like her in season 5. I really like how she can forgive people and then befriend them, even when they are still giving her the cold shoulder, or when they have done bad things to her. 

So, that's it for me folks!  
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  1. Ooooooooh yes! =D I see a lot of myself in Sybil actually..


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