Star Wars Fan Film {LCC XIII Entry}

You guys! The Star Wars Fan Film that Matt and I acted in is here!!!

I am so happy with it, and can't stop watching it!

If you are a Star Wars fan, here ya go!

xx Morg

Creepiest Disney Villains {Morgan}

Hey guys!
I've decided to go over the disney villains I think that are the creepiest...

 Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame
I didn't watch this movie until I was eighteen, and I could not believe it was a Disney movie! I liked it, but it was by far the darkest Disney film I have ever seen. Frollo freaked me out! If I am remembering correctly, I skipped over his freaky singing solo. He is a twisted disturbed guy. That makes him 20x creepier to me...
 Clayton from Tarzan
Clayton never really scared me, but the scene where he *spoiler* tries to kill Tarzan and ends up hanging himself, always scared me. It was just so... dark.
 Ursula from Little Mermaid
I don't think we realize how creepy villains are until we get older.
Little Mermaid was one of the Disney movies I watched repeatedly growing up. Urusla never bothered me until I watched parts of it as a teen. Urusla is... crazy. 
 Mother Gothel from Tangled
Mother Gothel is probably my favorite Disney villain. 
She's creepy, she's smart, she's manipulative and her death is like the darkest ever!
I feel like she's the most interesting Disney villain out there.

King Candy from Wreck it Ralph
His face creeped me out from the get go. But he didn't creep me out as much until he turned into that bug-bot thingy and was making that evil cackle. Creeper!

Who do you think is the creepiest Disney villains?

xx Morg

Downton Abbey Tag {Favorite Female Character for Each Season}

Hey guys!
If you haven't heard about this tag yet, see it here!

First question of this tag is~


Okay, so I just want to say upfront, that Missus Hughes and Granny are my favorite female character from every season.

That being said, let's go into the others..

Lady Sybil

I honestly don't remember this one really well, mainly because I disliked it so much.
I didn't really like any of the characters that much- they all annoyed me.
I think if I had to pick though, I'd have to say Sybil is my absolute favorite for season 1. I also like Daisy a lot in this season.
^^I love her adventurous and spunky spirit.^^ 

^^ I wish this scene had been longer- I'm still confused about Tom outside the window during this scene though...^^

^^Daisy was so young!^^

Lady Mary

I know Lady Mary is a lot of peoples least favorite character, but she has always been my favorite- at least for season 2, 3 &4. She seems the most complex and real out of the bunch- her character has the most character. In some ways, I have seen myself in Lady Mary- which has to do with me liking her. ;)
 ^^This is one of my favorite scenes. I love that outfit, and how her hair looks with that hat.^^
I love how her true self comes out in season 2, as well as season 3. 

I like Anna a lot, especially in season 2. She's always happy, spunky, and she loves the Crawley family.  Anna, however, is not my favorite character in the last three seasons. I think my like for her kinda went away after she became Lady Mary's lady's maid. I don't dislike her, she's just not my favorite.
Lady Sybil's character really came to life in season 2. I love how she becomes determined to be a nurse, how she's always thinking of others, and a particular love story with a certain gentleman. ;) 

Lady Mary


Lady Mary
Lady Edith
This is the last season (of right now) that I care for Lady Mary.
I never really liked Edith, mainly because she was mean and annoying, or her hair/outfits drove me crazy. 
But in Season 4, her character starts to come out more, and her character has changed drastically since season 1. She also gets more stylish. ;)
A certain young man has to do with this- and for once, I LOVE Edith's boyfriend!
Edith has a sadder story during season 4, which gives her a lot more story/screen time.

Lady Edith

Season 5 is mainly all about Edith. Which I like- even though her story started to get a little old after a time. I really like how her relationship with her parents is more shown. One of my favorite scenes is where Edith and Lord Grantham have a repentance/truth telling scene.

Baxter was really mysterious for a while, but her secret comes out in Season 5. She's a very subdued and interesting character. I really like her in season 5. I really like how she can forgive people and then befriend them, even when they are still giving her the cold shoulder, or when they have done bad things to her. 

So, that's it for me folks!  
Make sure if you'd like to do this tag, see here for more details!

xx Morg

Downton Abbey Questions Tag {Morgan}

Hey y'all!
So, I have been watching a lot of Downton Abbey of late- the new season comes out this Sunday! EEEEEEK!
*in the UK, but you can find it online

I thought it would be fun to do something Downton Abbey-ish for Fandom Fox, since I have yet to do so.

So, here is how it works. I am going to ask a series of questions, and you post your answers on your blog- spread out over a time period of your choice.

You must link back to Fandom Fox.
Comment telling us you will be doing the tag
Tagging other people is optional.
You must include these rules in each post
Make sure you put *SPOILERS* above/before any spoilers- don't ruin it for anyone! ;)
The end

So! Here is the list of questions!

Favorite Female Character for each season
Favorite Male Character for each season
Favorite Outfit(s)
Least Favorite Character (male and or female)
Favorite Season & Why
Favorite Downton Couple(s) & Why?
Favorite Moments
Moment(s) That Made You Cry
Favorite Friendship(s)

And that's it folks! I'm really excited about this one- It's going to be lots of fun!

xx Morg

5 Female Characters Tag + We're back! {Morgan}

Hi guys! It's been awhile since we've posted! We do apologize for that... We'll make it up to you- when we are able to reveal what has been keeping us away. ;)

As a way to get back to posting, I decided to do a little tag floating around, which I was super excited to do.

"5 Females" Tag

So I found a free-for-all tag on one of the blogs I follow recently, called "5 female characters."

1.) List 5 of your favorite female characters (book or screen).
2.) Tagging other people is optional
3.) If you are tagged, link back to the person that tagged you.
4.) Link back to Revealed In Time
Choose one character from each category:
1.) Protagonist
2.) Villain
3.) Superhero
4.) That I would want to be friends with
5.) That I wish had better development

Favorite Protagonist:

For my Protagonist, I have two; Katara & Skeeter Phelan. Okay, so you're probably thinking that Aang was the protagonist of Avatar, and he kinda is, but Katara is whom the story is being told through. So I feel like she's the protagonist. 
I've written before about why I love Katara so much- When I first started watching Avatar, Katara was not my favorite character. I thought she was a bit too motherly and sometimes annoying.

However, after I watched the series over and over I started realizing some things about her;
Katara is a very strong character.

Aang not only would have not been found without Katara, but wouldn't have achieved his goal of restoring peace to the world without her.
To me, Katara symbolizes the true meaning of love.
She is by no means, perfect. But she is loving.
There is a moment, in the second season, where Aang is going through a rough time, taking his anger and hurt out on Katara, but she does not take offense to his unloving acts towards her, but loves him all the more.
I also feel like I can relate to Katara on several levels.

Skeeter is just...I don't know how to put into words the how or why I like her so much (all the women of The Help are amazing).  I love her strong character, quirky-ness, spunk and smartness.

Favorite Villain:

I have TWO! Is that allowed? They are.. *drum roll*
Hilly Holbrook & Princess Azula.

I like smart villains! And these women are very smart. 

Favorite superhero-
I hate the way Marvel has depicted women and superheroes. Just the word superhero sounds cheesy to me- SORRY ALL MARVEL/DC FANS! 
Hmm.... I don't like superheroes women.
At all. 
Does Wendy from Peter Pan count as a super hero? ;) 

Who I want to be friends with:

I've never really thought about this one all that much. Like, ever actually.

The only one coming to me is Celia Rae Foote from the Help. I love Celia, and my family teases me, saying that I'm Celia. :)

Another possibility is Jane Eyre- the Mia Wizowski one. I remember thinking how much alike me and her think (in some ways) when I watched that movie. Maybe that's why I like it. Oh, and Tinkerbell, y'all!

Character I wish had more development:

Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender. She doesn't have really any character development. She's just there, and has no conflict or flaw. She's just along for the ride- and I don't really like that.

Ok, I'm not a big fan of the Chronicles of Narnia (DONT SHOOT ME!), but I was always the most interested in Susan (and Edmund duh, but he's not a female).
I didn't read the books, I just saw the three movies, and I think part of the reason Prince Caspian is  my favorite, is because of the amount of screen time Susan got. I like Susan.

I also wish that Djaq from BBC"s Robin Hood had more development & screen time. 

So that's about it for me folks! I hope you enjoyed this post, and go ahead and tag yo-selves, and leave a link to your tag in the comments below! I'd really love to read your answers.
Thanks for reading, y'all!

xx Morg

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